Wednesday, 19 March 2014

4 year old boy BEEKEEPER training for real-world beekeeping.

This is a short clip of a 4 year old boy training how to be a beekeeper and how to handle a honeybee frame... ahhh, the smell or real honeybee wax foundation. Loves working with honeybees (with a suit and gloves off course! just for now...), going to the apiary hives, processing honey, wax, maintaining beehives, building frames, painting the boxes and so on. Always helpful and fantastic little helper. Started beekeeping at the age of three. Beekeeping is one of many fun activities you can do with your kids. Teach them about the world around us. The natural world. Beats Gameboy, Playstation or the Xbox shoot'em up games for sure. Not to mention the endless hours spent in front of television where the big corporations indoctrinate their little minds with consumerism. Anyway, enough of my rant. Beekeeping is fun. Give it a go with your kids.