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BEE SAFE Small Hive Beetle trap review Diatomaceous Earth Physical Insecticide

NEW BEEKEEPING VIDEO. Review of a BEE SAFE Diatomaceous Earth Small Hive Beetle trap, which is a bee safe non-toxic Physical Insecticide. Especially the super fine Absorbacide - - ultra fine dust less than 15 microns in size - which acts like razor blades to the small hive beetles outer casing. Once the hive beetles outer wax coating is compromised, it dries out and dies quickly. As it is a physical insecticide, the beetles will not build up a resistance to it. Diatamaceous Earth DE is a relatively safe insecticide to use for the control of the little pest hive beetles, however, in larger amounts, it can also kill your bees. So use it wisely and carefully. Still, the crystalline silica shards are non toxic, which to us is a whole lot more acceptable for use in our apiary than their chemical based counter parts. DE does not present any health hazards and has been approved by CSIRO for organic food producers. Other alternatives include oil based traps, such as the AJ Beetle Eater, or Beetle Blaster, trap or similar under hive IPK Screened Bottom Board & Small Hive Beetle Traps that also work well. These contain vinegar and oil in a dark plastic trap which has small openings on the top and as the bees chase the beetles around the hive, the beetle enters the trap and can no longer escape. Fantastic traps, but a little too messy. Oil often spills throughout the hive, and need to be replaced, emptied or replaced. Not the most pleasant task a beekeeper has to do during a hive inspection. So, we are trialing this neat version of Diatamaceous Earth Small Hive Beetle Trap. Costs around a dollar per unit, is reusable, kills beetles over a long period of time if kept DE remains dry, is bee friendly and easy to handle even when propolized by the bees. Beekeepers can prepare the traps away from the beehive, and simply place them on top of their frames under the top cover for easy access and manipulation.

There are many great ways beekeepers deal with hive beetles and their control methods will vary widely. Similar traps can be homemade using a CD cover, a politicians sign, or any other similarly shaped containers. Let us know in the comments section below what methods you may have used or continue to use, especially if they work well. We’d love to hear from you!

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