Sunday, 12 June 2016

Flow Hive Flow FRAME falls apart - beekeeping 101 with Flowhive
Watch a practical review of our trial Flow Hive beehive here:

In this video, we take a very close look at the Flow Hive Flow Frame. During the review, it falls apart on us, not totally unexpected, but it is really annoying when it does happen, so we can think of better ways to spend our beekeeping time. In any case, the close up shots will show you the detailed workings of the Flowhive frame, both assembled and completely pulled apart. The honey harvesting process is rather simple using the flow hive frames, but there will be many questions on the longevity of the frames themselves as well as the number of repeated honey extractions beekeepers can expect to successfully complete before having to pull the flow frames apart and trying to clean them. Only time will tell. It certainly is not much fun putting the flow hive frames together and the tensioning process using the provided wires was a bit cumbersome. To put the flow frames together, we found using large rubber bands very useful, especially after they fell apart for the third time just as you are trying to tension the wires. Most useful is a beekeeping partner if you can find one. Having four beekeeping hands was the way to go.

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Happy Beekeeping
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